About the photo gallery

About this photograph gallery


All the photographs appearing in this gallery were taken by Angus McIntyre. Some newer photographs that have not yet been added to the gallery can be found at disoriented.net, Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Ten.


The photographs in this gallery were taken using the following cameras.

Digital cameras

Canon Rebel T7iDSLR2019-
Canon Rebel T2iDSLR2011-2018
Canon Rebel XTDSLR2005-2011
GoPro Hero 6 Blackaction cam2018-
Sony RX100 VAcompact2021-
Sony RX100 IIIcompact2015-2021
Canon S90compact2009-2015
Canon SD1000compact2007-2009
Fuji E900compact2007-2009
Canon SD30compact2002-2007
Sony Cybershot DSC-F55Vcompact2000-2001
iPhone 7smartphone2017-
iPod Touch (4th gen.)PDA2013-2016

Film cameras

Canon T70SLR2004
Canon AE-1 ProgramSLR1983-2005
Pentax Espio 120micompact zoom2000-2003
Minox 35PLcompact 35mm1990-2000


Photographs in this gallery have been edited using Adobe Lightroom software. Edits typically consist of color correction, cropping, and sharpening. The goal of the edits is to make an aesthetically pleasing picture while preserving, as much as possible, the image as originally seen by the photographer. This means that I generally avoid composite images, removal of significant objects, extreme color adjustments and more ‘artistic’ interventions. I am open to some forms of compositing, such as focus stacking or use of multiple exposures for dynamic range, which improve the appearance of the image while remaining true to the original scene. I do not use sky replacement.

A small number of pictures in the gallery have been processed using so-called “AI” software, such as Topaz Photo AI. Reasons for using this type of software include upscaling small images for web use, correcting blurring or focus issues, and removal of noise. “AI” processing programs can introduce details not present in the original image, so I try to use them very sparingly, and mostly only in cases where an interesting picture is marred by some technical issue such as blur or noise.