About this website

This website is by Angus McIntyre. It is an example of a now endangered species – the personal vanity website. It is a dumping ground for various bits and pieces that I have collected or created.

Vanity sites, which were common in the early days of the World Wide Web, have now mostly been replaced by blogs - no less self-indulgent, but often more frequently updated. You can find my travel and photography blog at disoriented.net.

In its present incarnation, the site is mostly being used to showcase some of my photographs. Some of the other bric-a-brac that appeared on earlier versions of this site may be added in due course. Information about my fiction writing can now be found on my writing site, while details of my consultancy work are at nomadcode.

If you're interested in the technical process and tools used to build the site, you can find out more on the acknowledgements page, which lists some of the software used.