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Except where otherwise indicated, all material on this site is © Angus McIntyre 1995-2023. Content from this site and from other sites owned by Angus McIntyre that link to this licensing page may be used subject to the terms described below.

Non-commercial use

Photographs and other images displayed on the site are available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International license.

Commercial use

If you would like to license any of the images for commercial use, or you need a higher-resolution version of an image, please contact me. Please remember to include:

  • the full URL of the page where the image appears
  • the title or description of the image
  • the size or resolution you require
  • the preferred image format (TIFF, JPEG, PSD etc)
  • a description of the intended use
  • whether you require local or worldwide rights
  • whether this is for a commercial or non-profit project

Available image resolutions vary depending on the equipment used to create the image. Most photographs are available at a resolution of between 3000x2000 and 3600x2400, suitable for high-quality printing at 8"x10". A few photographs are available only at a lower resolution.

Commercial use is generally subject to a license fee. Approval for use of images in commercial projects is at the discretion of the copyright holder.

Additional permissions

Both the Creative Commons and commercial licenses cover basic permissions for use of the specified content on this site. Third-party rights are not included. If additional permissions from another party are required in order to make use of the content, the licensee is responsible for securing those permissions and paying any applicable fees.

Images featuring human subjects are generally not model-released, as most of them fall in the category of 'street photography' or journalism. If your intended use requires a model release, you will need to acquire the appropriate release yourself.

Additional notes

Use of any of the licensed content, whether under a Creative Commons or commercial license, does not imply my endorsement of any product or opinion with which the licensee may be associated.

Use of any of the licensed content for illegal purposes, or to promote discrimination or incite violence or hatred against any person or group, whether on grounds of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or any other grounds, is contrary to the wishes of the creator. The use of licensed content for this purpose is explicitly forbidden.

Sites covered by the licenses

Except where otherwise indicated, licensing of images and other specified content under the non-commercial Creative Commons license, and under the commercial Raingod license, applies to specified content found on the following websites:

Twenty Ten
Twenty Fourteen