Tools and resources used to build this website


This site and the software used to create it were designed and developed by Angus McIntyre (except as noted below).

Pages on the site are authored as XML documents, which are then transformed into XHTML using grunt-xsltproc. The site as a whole is built using grunt and gulp. Python and Ruby are used in various parts of the build process.

Sitemaps are built using the grunt sitemap index and grunt flexible sitemap builder plugins.

The HTML markup of the pages is based loosely on HTML5 Boilerplate. Essentially, I deconstructed the examples provided by the HTML5 Boilerplate project and set up my XSLT stylesheets to build pages that follow the HTML5 Boilerplate model.

The CSS for the site is generated using SASS.

The lightbox used on the photo gallery pages is fsLightbox. Other Javascript code used on the site was written by Angus McIntyre.


Photographs on the site are original works by Angus McIntyre unless otherwise indicated. If you'd like to license any of them, see the licensing page.

The SVG imagemap used in the photos section is adapted from an SVG map of the continents available from Wikimedia. Other maps are by Angus McIntyre except where otherwise indicated.

The birds that can be found lurking on various pages of the site are the work of a medieval artist or artists.

Covers of any books reproduced on the site are the work of their respective artists and designers. Please see the publishers’ sites for more information.