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Looking out to sea
A robed woman looks out to sea from Legzira beach
A group dressed as butterflies, Venice Carnival
Prayer wheels
Child spinning prayer wheels
Woman with eagle
Statue on the exterior of the Catédral Primada de America
Sidi Ifni
A woman and boy walk past a line of houses in Sidi Ifni
Calle Juan Para Alba
Street scene with pedestrians and police vehicle
Young woman with bread in the market at Panjakent
The Black Bhairab
Statue of Shiva as Bhairab, Durbar Square
Mask shop
Shop selling masks during the Venice Carnival
Newspaper reader
Woman reading newspaper among prayer flags
Picking water convolvulus
Woman harvesting water convolvulus ('morning glory')
Reflected in the ebb
Women and children on the beach at Sidi R'bat


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A small collection of photographs from Marrakesh, Morocco.
A collection of photographs of police officers and vehicles from the New York Police Department.