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Last light
Setting sun over Lago Llanhuique, seen from Volcan Osorno
Santiago sunrise
Traffic in the early morning
Small Bird
Bird design at Nazca seen from the air
Los Amantes de la Boca
Headquarters of a local murga group
Dirt road
Dirt road at dusk near Las Rabonas
A young man leaps from a beachfront wall in Puerto Madryn
Bird design at Nazca seen from the air
Inca Trail lake
Small lake and section of trail below the Abra de Runkurakay
Sierras Grandes de Córdoba
View east from the mountain road to Córdoba
Mercado de la Abundancia
Interior of the Mercado de la Abundancia
Ruins of Sayacmarca
Stairs and walls inside the ruins of Sayacmarca
First pass
The Abra de Warmiwañusqa seen from the Abra de Runkurakay


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Photographs of birds from Chubut province in Patagonia, Argentina.
A small collection of photographs from Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil.
Photographs of land and marine animals from Chubut province in Patagonia, Argentina.
Photographs from central Buenos Aires, including Microcentro, Retiro and Puerto Madero.
Photographs taken on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.
Photographs from the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, an ecological reserve in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.