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Market stall
Men and boys gather around a small stall in Belfaa market
View along the promenade at Aglou Plage
Aglou Plage
Seafront promenade at Aglou Plage
The village of Aghorimze seen from the road to Sidi Ouassay
Sidi R'bat beach
Children play in the surf near Sidi R'bat
Sheep for sale
Sheep for sale in Belfaa Market before Eid Al-Adha
Dirt road
A woman walks on a sand road between fields
Shrine entrance
Entrance to the shrine at Sidi Ouassay
Vegetable sellers
Women buy vegetables at Belfaa Market
Tethered camels
Pair of camels in the dunes near Sidi R'bat
A man carries a bag of groceries at a market
Blue djellaba
A man in a blue djellaba stands by a flock of sheep