Souss-massa National Park

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Desert sunset
The sun sets over the desert in Souss-Massa National Park
Mouth of the Oued Massa
The Oued Massa meets the sea
Oued Massa sunset
Colorful sunset skies over the Oued Massa
Oued Massa mudflats
Mudflats in the estuary of the Oued Massa
Clouds at low tide
Clouds over the beach south of Sidi R'bat
Sand hills
Sandy hills and scrub by the Oued Massa
Oued Massa
Estuary of the Oued Massa in Souss-Massa National Park
Pinks and purples
Sunset skies over the Oued Massa
Herons in flight
Pair of grey herons fly over the Oued Massa


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A small collection of photographs from Souss-Massa National Park, Souss-Massa, Morocco.