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Sculpted sage
Chinese-style seated sage at Wat Arun
Doña i ocell
'Woman and bird', sculpture by Joan Mirò
El Gat
Close-up of sculpture of cat by Fernando Botero
Decorative figure on a column, Wat Arun
Balcony and sculpted figures
Detail of the Devi Jagadamba Temple
Wat Mahawan mom
A ‘mom’ guards a stairway at Wat Mahawan
Naga serpent decorating gateway to a wat
Detail of fountain
Detail of an ornamental fountain
View from Jaisi Deval
Looking down from the Jaisi Deval Temple
Crouching dragon
Ornamental dragon at Wat Bupparam
Erotic sculptures
Erotic statuary on the Kadariya-Mahadeva Temple
Detail of doorway, south entrance of Chartres cathedral


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A small collection of photographs of the Sagrada Familia cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain.
Photographs of sculpture and statues taken at various locations in Japan.
A small gallery of photographs taken in Kathmandu, Nepal.
A small gallery of photographs taken in Bhaktapur, Nepal.
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