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Upper temples
View from north-east corner of upper level
Sistema IV
View of Stela 18 with Sistema IV in background
Garden Tomb
Façade of the Garden Tomb in Wadi Farasa
Ritual baths
Ceremonial baths at Phuyupatamarca
The High Place of Sacrifice
Ruined wall at the High Place of Sacrifice
The Great Court
View across the Great Court
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu seen from the upper entrance to the site
Pirámide del Sol
Pyramid of the Sun seen from the south
El Palacio from above
El Palacio and Templo de los Inscripciones
Interior terraces
Interior terracing and walls at Machu Picchu
El Mirador
El Mirador on the summit of Chinkultic
View of ruins looking north-west towards the guard tower


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Photographs taken in the Nabataean ruins at Petra, Jordan.