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Ruins of nobles' houses at Pisac
Temple of the Sun
Temple of the Sun seen from above
Palacio de Quetzalpapalotl
Courtyard, Palace of Quetzalpapalotl (quetzal butterfly)
El Castillo
Outer wall of El Castillo
El Palacio
Looking north-west towards El Palacio
Temple columns
View of the Temple of Bacchus
Huayna Picchu and ruins
Huayna Picchu seen above ruined walls
Bishop’s Palace
View of the ruined Moosie Toor in the Bishop’s Palace
Wat Ratburana
Main spire of Wat Ratburana seen through a doorway
Wat Phu
Looking down on the reservoirs and palace from the upper level
Beach at Tulum
Beach and the Templo del Dios Descendente
Templo del Sol
The Temple of the Sun seen from above