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Grand Tetons
View north across Jackson Lake from Signal Mountain campground
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane near Two Ocean Lake
Gauja National Park
View of woodlands in Gauja National Park
Oued Massa
Estuary of the Oued Massa in Souss-Massa National Park
Pinks and purples
Sunset skies over the Oued Massa
Sigulda Church
Church by a pond in Sigulda
Small frog in leaf litter
Mouth of the Oued Massa
The Oued Massa meets the sea
Oued Massa sunset
Colorful sunset skies over the Oued Massa
Snail on moss
Clouds at low tide
Clouds over the beach south of Sidi R'bat
Lake Linkmenas
View of Lake Linkmenas with trees and reeds