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Khmer carving
Detail of decoration at Wat Phu
Wall, Wat Phu
Khmer-style wall with pillared windows
Decorated doorway at Wat Phu
Vang Vieng
View across the Nam Song river at dusk
Mekong sunset
Fishing boats on the Mekong at sunset
UXO posters
Posters warning about unexploded ordnance
Sunset over Don Khong, Si Phan Don
Wat Phu
Looking down on the reservoirs and palace from the upper level
Seven-headed naga
Decorative naga sculpture at Wat Hai Sok
Gable end
Gable of building at Way Mixay
Xiangkhouang landscape
Landscape with bomb craters and rice paddy
Pha That Luang
View of That Luang with tuk-tuk