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Street scene
Houses and flyover, Islamic Cairo area
Market street
Street with market in Islamic Cairo
Cobbler's lasts
Set of wooden lasts
Street food seller
A small child pushes a food cart
Madrasa Khanqah
Dome and minaret of the Madrasa Khanqah of Sultan al-Zahir Barquq
Decorated water pipes for sale
Al-Sayeda Zainab
Domes and minaret of Al-Sayeda Zainab Mosque
Bread carrier
Boy carrying tray of bread
Cat and cow
Cat and tethered cow, Sayida Zeinab district
Butcher's shop in Sayida Zeinab district
Garlic seller
Woman selling garlic and onions


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A gallery of photographs taken in the historic Islamic Cairo region of central Cairo, Egypt.
A small collection of photographs from Cairo, Egypt.
A small collection of street photography from Cairo, Egypt.