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Street scene
Houses and flyover, Islamic Cairo area
Cobbler's lasts
Set of wooden lasts
Street food seller
A small child pushes a food cart
Market street
Street with market in Islamic Cairo
Madrasa Khanqah
Dome and minaret of the Madrasa Khanqah of Sultan al-Zahir Barquq
Bread carrier
Boy carrying tray of bread
Decorated water pipes for sale
Butcher's shop in Sayida Zeinab district
Al-Sayeda Zainab
Domes and minaret of Al-Sayeda Zainab Mosque
Cat and cow
Cat and tethered cow, Sayida Zeinab district
Garlic seller
Woman selling garlic and onions


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A gallery of photographs taken in the historic Islamic Cairo region of central Cairo, Egypt.
A small collection of photographs from Cairo, Egypt.
A small collection of street photography from Cairo, Egypt.