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A young blacktip reef shark
Moored boats
Small fishing boats in the early morning
Fishing boats decorated with colorful flags
Fish at sunset
Street decorations in Barceloneta
Smoked fish
Smoked fish for sale in the Central Market
Boats and flags
Fishing boats in Cheung Chao harbor
Cheung Chau harbor
Fishing vessels in Cheung Chao harbor
Monterey harbor in the fog
Fishing boat at the municipal wharf on a foggy day
Fishing boat
Small fishing boat in shallow water
Line of boats
Fishing boats tied up off Elephanta Island
Kayakers in Monterey harbor
Small boat
Fishing boat with two men close to shore


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A small collection of street photography from Cairo, Egypt.
A small collection of photographs of animals from northern Thailand.
Photographs of ships and boats from San Francisco, California.
Photographs taken at Moss Landing and in Monterey Bay, California.
A small collection of photographs from Vilnius, Lithuania.