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Cairo from Giza
View of Cairo from Giza
Raw cotton for sale
Crossing the road
A man runs to cross the road at dusk
Bread and barred window
Man on a bridge
A young man sits on the railing of a bridge over the Nile
Street scene
Houses and flyover, Islamic Cairo area
A man on a bicycle balances an empty tray on his head
Cart horse
Resting cart horse
Cloth seller
A man offering cloth for sale
Black Pyramid
Distant view of the Black Pyramid at Dahshur
Ornate window
Window in the Coptic area of Cairo
Taking baggage off the ferry


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A small collection of photographs from Egypt, including Cairo, Luxor and the Sinai.
A small collection of photographs from The Sinai, Egypt.
Photographs taken at a protest in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in April 2011.
Photographs taken in the area of Cairo known as Coptic Cairo, near the Mar Girgis Orthodox church.
A gallery of photographs taken in the historic Islamic Cairo region of central Cairo, Egypt.
Photographs of the pyramids at Dahshur, Saqqara and Giza.
A small collection of photographs from Cairo, Egypt.
A small collection of street photography from Cairo, Egypt.
A small gallery of photographs from the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt.