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Dry hills and rivers
Mesas and drainage channels in desert terrain
Bent Pyramid
The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur
Sand dunes in the desert
Dryland fields
Semi-arid landscape with fields
Umm al-Biyara
View towards Umm al-Biyara from the High Place of Sacrifice
Eroded hills
Desert hills showing erosion patterns
Rock bridge
Natural rock bridge created by erosion
Nazca lines, seen from the air: stylized tree
Sand and rock
Deep sand and exposed rock
View over Petra
Petra seen from the High Place of Sacrifice
Erg Chebbi
Dunes and desert grass in shadow
Desert river
River in desert terrain


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Photographs of the pyramids at Dahshur, Saqqara and Giza.
Photographs taken in the Nabataean ruins at Petra, Jordan.
A small gallery of photographs from the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt.
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