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Pink wall
Shop selling bread in the old city
Shuttered riot gates of a store in Chinatown
Women and children
Group of Nepali women in festival clothing
Blue and yellow
House painted in the colors of Boca Juniors
Chefchaouen square
Blue-painted houses in a small square
Peace Pagoda
Woman in red at the World Peace Pagoda
Three cats
Three cats enjoy a sunny day in Chefchaouen
Tabby on blue
A tabby cat sits by a blue wall in Chefchaouen
Rajput sadhus
Religious group dressed in saffron robes
Tiled roofs
Tiled roofs and blue walls
Tortoiseshell kitten
A kitten sits on some blue-painted steps
Cat and laundry
Laundry hangs by a blue wall


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A small collection of photographs of murals and other public wall art from New York City.
Photographs of the River Thames in London in different seasons and weather conditions.
A small collection of photographs taken in Manhattan, NY.
A small collection of photographs from Souss-Massa National Park, Souss-Massa, Morocco.