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Tanker and clouds
Distant view of the port at Puerto Madryn
Lighters surround a cargo vessel
Lighters off Kowloon
Lighters and cargo vessels off Kowloon
Sumida River
Looking south-west from the Harumi-dori bridge
Bathers and tanker
Bathers on Puerto Madryn beach
Jeremiah O'Brien
Liberty ship “Jeremiah O’Brien” in San Francisco
Dole Ecuador
Container ship in port
Zim Pusan
The container ship Zim Pusan heading for Oakland


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Photographs from the town of Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina.
A small collection of photographs taken in the harbors of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.
A small collection of photographs taken in Tokyo showing scenes from various parts of the city.
Photographs of ships and boats from San Francisco, California.
Photographs from San Diego, California, including the historic Gaslamp District.