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Tanker and clouds
Distant view of the port at Puerto Madryn
Lighters surround a cargo vessel
Lighters off Kowloon
Lighters and cargo vessels off Kowloon
Sumida River
Looking south-west from the Harumi-dori bridge
Bathers and tanker
Bathers on Puerto Madryn beach
Jeremiah O'Brien
Liberty ship “Jeremiah O’Brien” in San Francisco
Zim Pusan
The container ship Zim Pusan heading for Oakland


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Photographs from the town of Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina.
A small collection of photographs taken in Tokyo showing scenes from various parts of the city.
A small collection of photographs taken in the harbors of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.
Photographs of ships and boats from San Francisco, California.