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Dry river
Dry river and hills seen from the air
Sailor making a call from a payphone
Dry lake and scrub
Arid scrubland seen from the air
Tram stop
Tram on the Embarcadero
Yachts in a marina in Monterey
Fisherman's Wharf
View along Fisherman's Wharf
Moored boats
Small boats at Pier 45
Detail of San Francisco airport at dusk
Palace of Fine Arts
Rotunda of the Palace of Fine Arts
Municipal Pier
View of the Municipal Pier
Chinatown alley
Alleyway in Chinatown at night
MUNI buses
Parked buses in a parking lot during a rainstorm


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A small gallery of photographs from various locations in California.
Photographs from the city of Los Angeles, California.
Photographs of San Francisco, California in the evening and at night.
Photographs of the bridges of San Francisco, California.
Photographs from the Central Coast of California, including Carmel and Big Sur.
Photographs taken in Monterey, California.
Photographs of the landmarks of San Francisco, California.
A collection of aerial photographs from the United States.
Photographs from the city of San Francisco, California.
Photographs of ships and boats from San Francisco, California.