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Natural rock arch
A natural rock arch on the beach at Legzira
Flock of gulls over the beach at Cape Kolka
Beach houses
Cave houses and shacks on Sidi R'bat beach
Sidi R'bat cliffs
Sand cliffs with dwellings above the beach
Tethered camels
Pair of camels in the dunes near Sidi R'bat
Wave-sculpted rocks
Eroded sandstone on the beach at Legzira
Dois Rios
Reflective sands at Praia Dois Rios
Clouds and sea
Gray clouds over the sea at Las Terrenas
Red sandstone
A red sandstone promontory at Legzira
Beach at Sidi Ifni
View of beachfront at Sidi Ifni
Camels on the beach
Camels by the water's edge, dusk
Beach and boats
Beach and trawlers at dusk


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A small collection of photographs from Riga, Latvia.
Photographs of ships and boats from San Francisco, California.