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Red and yellow desert
Colored desert soils seen from the air
Dividing line
Complex erosion patterns in desert terrain
Table lands
Heavily-eroded desert landscape
River with dam
River and dam seen from the air
Missouri River
Fractal landforms along the Missouri River
Dry valley
Valley eroded by water action in the south-western US
Dry hills and rivers
Mesas and drainage channels in desert terrain
Suburban housing seen from the air
Landscape with mesa
Colorful desert landscape seen from the air
Defining lines
Arid hills and desert
Polychrome fields
Field systems seen from the air
Sand and rock
Deep sand and exposed rock


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A small collection of photographs taken in the Barceloneta neighborhood, Barcelona, Spain.
A collection of aerial photographs from the United States.
A small collection of photographs from Cairo, Egypt.
Photographs of the pyramids at Dahshur, Saqqara and Giza.