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Le Folies
Wreck of the vessel 'Le Folies' off Paraná Beach
Blockship stern
Stern section of a sunken blockship
Blockship bow
Part of a sunken blockship
Corrosion and algae on the hull of a blockship
Wrecked T-55 tank
Abandoned Soviet tank by the side of the road
Burned cars
Burned-out cars in the parking lot of the National Democratic Party Building


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A small collection of photographs of the sea defenses of Scapa Flow and the Italian Chapel, Orkney, Scotland.
Photographs from Punta Loma, Chubut, Argentina.
A small gallery of photographs taken on the Tavildara Road between Dushanbe and Khorog, Tajikistan.
Photographs taken at a protest in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in April 2011.