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Wall and gate
Edge of the village and nearby hills
Walls and terraces
Ruins on the Urabamba side of Machu Picchu
The Girl from Ipanema
Satirical wall art of an obese woman in a bikini
Com Respeito
Wall art, Lapa
Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu
View towards Huayna Picchu
Demon gunfighter
Wall art by Santa Crew, Avenida Republica do Paraguay
Shrine wall
Wall of a shrine dedicated to Ali, Wakhan Valley
Thatched house
View of Huayna Picchu and house with restored roof
Sunset wall
Wall and windows at sunset
Temple of the Three Windows
Windowed temple overlooking the Urabamba
Graffiti art, Rua Jardim Botanico
Huayna Picchu and ruins
Huayna Picchu seen above ruined walls