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Belfry of Vilnius Cathedral
St. Casimir
Dome of the church of St. Casimir
Façade of St. Casimir
The façade of the church of St. Casimir
Basilian Gate
Entrance to the church of the Holy Trinity
St John's
Tower of St John's Church
Couple with fish
Artwork of elderly couple with fish on a wall in Užupio gatve
Statue of Moses on the Vilnius Cathedral
Gediminas and horse
Statue of Gediminas in Cathedral Square
Curving building
Building with yellow wall and red-tiled roof
Statues and crescent moon
Statues on the Green Bridge against a sunset sky
Angel of Užupis
Statue of the Angel of Užupis
Balconies in the Old Town
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A small collection of photographs from Vilnius, Lithuania.