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Gable end
Gable of building at Way Mixay
Seven-headed naga
Decorative naga sculpture at Wat Hai Sok
Hang hod
Sculpted wooden water trough used in ordination ceremonies
Decorative columns on the exterior of Wat In Paeng
Wat Mixayaram
Building at Wat Mixayaram and flowering bougainvillea
Painted naga head at Wat Mixay
Naga emerging from the mouth of a sea monster
Wat Mixay roof
Detail of roof of bòt, Wat Mixayaram
Carved monkey figure at Wat Mixay


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Photographs of decorative carvings from wats in Laos.
A small collection of photographs of sculpted objects from temples in Laos.
Photographs taken in the city of Vientiane, the capital of Laos.