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Setting sun
The sun setting over the Mekong
That Dam
View of the 'Black Stupa'
Wall of Pha That Luang
Close-up of wall at the Great Stupa
Pha That Luang
Wall of the Great Stupa
Detail of Pha That Luang
Gilded pinnacle on outer wall of the Great Stupa
Mekong sunset
Fishermen on the Mekong at sunset
The Mekong at dusk, looking towards Thailand
Praying statue
Small decorative figure at a wat
Gable end
Gable of building at Way Mixay
Mekong sunset
Fishing boats on the Mekong at sunset
Wat roof
Gable end of a wat
Naga serpent decorating gateway to a wat
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Photographs of decorative carvings from wats in Laos.
A small collection of photographs of sculpted objects from temples in Laos.
Photographs taken in the city of Vientiane, the capital of Laos.
A small collection of photographs taken on the Mekong River in Laos.