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Île d'Ouessant
Landscape with heather and sea cliffs
Phare de Nividic
Lighthouse and electricity pylons
Sunset wall
Wall and windows at sunset
Île d'Ouessant
Coast near Porz an Ejen, Feunteun Velen
Phare de Nividic
View of lighthouse and disused electricity pylons
Phare du Stiff
The phare du Stiff seen from below
View of Lampaul, looking towards the church
View of the town of Lampaul
Phare de Men Korn
Small lighthouse off the coast of Ouessant
Île d'Ouessant
View from pointe de Kadoran towards the Phare du Creach
Phare du Creach
Lighthouse at Creach


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A few galleries of photographs from Brittany, France, including the island of Ushant (Ouessant).
A small collection of photographs from the island of Ushant (Île d'Ouessant) off the coast of Brittany, France.
A small collection of photographs of lighthouses on the coast of Brittany, France.