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100-series shinkansen at Kyoto
300-series shinkansen at Kyoto station
Painted train
Graffiti-covered train near the Zuidstation
Hungerford Bridge
Trusswork of Hungerford Bridge
A woman sits in the doorway of a jungle train
JR Train
Commuter train at Gotanda Station
Richmond Railway Bridge
Train crossing Richmond Railway Bridge
Railway children
Two children look from the window of a stationary train
Reflected train
JR train reflected in arcade windows
Stamboul train
Passengers joining a train at Sirkeci station
Grosvenor Bridge
Grosvenor Bridge and Battersea Power Station
Mar Girgis
Church of St George and metro train


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A small collection of photographs of modern and industrial Japan.
A small gallery of photographs taken in Istanbul, Turkey.
A small gallery of photographs taken on the jungle railway between Kota Bharu and Kuala Lipis, Malaysia.
A small collection of photographs taken in Tokyo showing scenes from various parts of the city.
Photographs taken in the area of Cairo known as Coptic Cairo, near the Mar Girgis Orthodox church.
A small collection of photographs from Brussels, Belgium.
A small collection of street photography from Cairo, Egypt.
Photographs of bridges and river crossings on the River Thames in London.