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Recoleta Cemetery
Tombs and monuments in Recoleta Cemetery
Chullpa tombs on the shore of Lake Titicaca
The Khazneh
Façade of the Khazneh
Through the Siq
Pillars of the Khazneh seen from the Siq
Chamber tomb
Prehistoric chamber tomb at Clava Cairns
Façade of Ad-Deir (The Monastery)
Monumental urn
Monumental urn crowning Ad-Deir
Ironwork gate
Wrought-iron gate of a tomb with flower
Monks' tombs
Tombs below Hadchit and view of valley
The Khazneh
View of the Khazneh
Detail of Khazneh
Upper level of the Khazneh
Cemetery at Tansikht
Cemetery with marabout, near Tansikht