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Deir Mar-Lishaa
Distant view of the monastery of St Elisha
Tian Tan Buddha
Head and shoulder of Tian Tan Buddha at Po Lin Monastery
Monumental urn
Monumental urn crowning Ad-Deir
Façade of Ad-Deir (The Monastery)
Dragon columns at Po Lin monastery
Monestir de Montserrat
The Monastery seen from above
Monastery at Montserrat
The monastery at Montserrat seen from the south
The Atrium of the Basilica at Montserrat
Tian Tian statues
Attendants to the great Buddha, Po Lin Monastery
Ad-Deir façade
Upper level of Ad-Deir from the side


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A description of the monument known as Ad-Deir ('The Monastery') in the ruined city of Petra, Jordan.
A small collection of photographs from Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain.
A small gallery of photographs taken in Bsharri and the Qadisha Valley, Lebanon.
A small collection of photographs of temples in Hong Kong, China.
Photographs taken in the Nabataean ruins at Petra, Jordan.