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Painter at work
A man paints a riot gate on the Bowery
Wall girl
Face painted on a semi-derelict wall
Crear y luchar
Mural commemorating the Trelew Massacre
Mother Teresa
Street art in the Barrio Güemes
Blue skull
Wall art in the Ciudad Vieja
Street art
Painted figure on a wall
Los Amantes de la Boca
Headquarters of a local murga group
Painted lamp post
A decorated lamp post on the Calle Padre Billini
Murals and signs
Wall paintings in the Calle San Jose
Street Art
Images painted on the side of a temporary structure, 1st Street
L'esperança dels Vençuts
Squat in the Sant Antoni neighborhood
Tablado mural
Mural showing drummers and dancers
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Photographs of political and decorative wall art from Argentina.
A small collection of photographs from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
Photographs from the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
A small collection of photographs of wall art and graffiti from Montevideo, Uruguay.
A small collection of photographs from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
A small collection of photographs on the theme of daily life in Barcelona, Spain.
A small collection of photographs of murals and other public wall art from New York City.