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Moai workshop
Moai under construction, Rano Raraku
Three-sided house
Reconstructed stone house at Machu Picchu
Two young men sit by the sea on Av. Portugal, Urca
Temple of the Three Windows
Windowed temple overlooking the Urabamba
Graffiti art, Rua Jardim Botanico
Houses, early morning
View from Largo do Machado
Funerary tower at Sillustani
Two chullpas
Chullpa funerary towers on the shore of Lake Titicaca
Inca doorway
Doorway at Pisac
Blue house
House with colored shutters, El Caminito
Unfinished moai
Incomplete moai at Rano Raraku
A Lágrima Ríos
Mural by Carlos Paez Villaro commemorating the singer Lida Melba Benavídez Tabárez