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Centro Cívico
Centro Cívico del Bicentenario reflected in the adjacent pool
Pewter mugs
Chased maté mugs for sale
Sea and sky
Coastal scenery on Península Valdés
Inca roadway
Section of the Inca Trail near Sayacmarca
Plaza de Armas
View of the Plaza de Armas
Astronomical clock known as 'the hitching-post of the sun'
River valley
A river valley in the desert near Arequipa
La Casa Rosada
View of la Casa Rosada on the Plaza de Mayo
View from the second pass
Looking forward from the Abra de Runkurakay
Curving stair
Stone stairs below Phuyupatamarca
Clouds over the sierras
Clouds over the mountains near Las Rabonas
View from Sayacmarca
View of mountains with Sayacmarca ruins in foreground