Sidi R'bat

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Creamy waves
Heavy waves off the beach at Sidi R'bat
Doors in the sand
Blue doors in a sand cliff
Les Grottes
Doors of beach-side cave dwellings at Sidi R'bat
Yellow sands
Sidi R'bat beach under a cloudy sky
Beach houses
Cave houses and shacks on Sidi R'bat beach
Sidi R'bat cliffs
Sand cliffs with dwellings above the beach
Tethered camels
Pair of camels in the dunes near Sidi R'bat
Hazy beach
View along Sidi R'bat beach
Reflected in the ebb
Women and children on the beach at Sidi R'bat
Sidi R'bat beach
Children play in the surf near Sidi R'bat
Camel ride
Children ride a camel on Sidi R'bat beach


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A small collection of photographs from the beach at Sidi R’bat, Souss-Massa, Morocco.