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Roofs of Tōshō-gū
Roofs of the Tōshō-gū shrine
Principal building of the Meiji-jingu shrine
Three wise monkeys
Carving on the Toshogu shrine
Vaisya Dev
Shrine to the god of toothaches
Detail of shrine
Corner of a shrine
Decorative screen
Decorative elements in Meiji-jingu shrine
Ta Bahal
Interior of the Ta Bahal
Inari fox in red bib at Sasuke Inari Shrine


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A small collection of photographs of shrines and other attractions in Nikko, Japan.
Photographs of decorative woodwork at shrines and temples in Japan.
Photographs of shrines and temples taken at various locations in Japan.
Photographs of sculpture and statues taken at various locations in Japan.
A small gallery of photographs taken in Kathmandu, Nepal.