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Wat roof
Detail of roof of modern wat
Statue of the demon Thotsakan (Ravana) at Wat Arun
Wat Chong Klang
Chedi and buildings of Wat Chong Klang
Temple roof
Roof at Zenko-ji temple
Temple roof
Detail of the roof of the Bhairabnath Temple
Detail of roof
Carved figures on a roof, Liurongsi Huata
Wat Mixay roof
Detail of roof of bòt, Wat Mixayaram
Golden spire
Spire of a Thai Yai-style wat
Decorated roof
Colorful roof in the Imperial Enclosure
Wat Phan Thao
Roofs of the wihan of Wat Phan Thao
Gable end
Gable of building at Way Mixay
Dolphin sculpture on ridgepole


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A small gallery of photographs taken in Bhaktapur, Nepal.