Puerto Madero

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Puerto Madero
View of a harbor basin in Puerto Madero
Dragonfly on a twig
Rio de la Plata
Clouds over the River Plate in the afternoon
Juvenile European starling
Monumento al Taxista
Monument to the taxi drivers of Buenos Aires
Giant coots
Two juvenile giant coots stand on a rock
Small wasp, possibly paper wasp
Gold tegu
Close-up view of the head of a gold tegu
Nanday parakeet
Nanday or black-headed parakeet
Southern screamer
Southern screamer standing on a rock
Grayish baywing
Adult grayish baywing
Guira cuckoo
Adult guira cuckoo
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Photographs from central Buenos Aires, including Microcentro, Retiro and Puerto Madero.
Photographs from the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, an ecological reserve in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.