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Sunset and stones
Sunset over the Standing Stones of Stenness
Stones of Stenness
Standing stones at Stenness
Late sun over a stone circle
Sunset and stone
Setting sun above a standing stone
Standing stone
Sunset over a standing stone at Stenness
Callanish II
Two stones of the Callanish II circle
Group of stones
Group of standing stones at Callanish
Standing stones
Four stones of the Callanish III alignment
Central stones
Centre stone and neighbors at Callanish I
Callanish I
Central circle of the main Callanish I monument
Centre stone
View of the central stone of Callanish I at Callanish
Callanish Stones
Central area of the Callanish I alignment
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A small collection of photographs of the stone circle at Stenness, Orkney, Scotland.
Photographs of the prehistoric stone circle at Callanish, Lewis, Scotland.