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Cop and pillow
Policeman and abandoned pillow
Riot gear
NYPD officers in riot gear
Police line
Helmeted police officers during a protest
NYPD officer at night
An NYPD officer watches a protest near Foley Square
An NYPD officer watches the March for Science in Times Square
Officers of the NYPD Strategic Response Group form a line
Emergency Services Unit personnel at the scene of a shooting
Smiling policeman
An NYPD officer smiles during a protest
Riot cop
Young police officer in riot gear
Snow-covered cars
Auxiliary police vehicles covered by snow
A canine officer checks a building site following a shooting
Young policeman
A young police officer on duty at the Millions March


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Photographs taken during a demonstration in London against the 1994 Criminal Justice Bill.
A collection of photographs of police officers and vehicles from the New York Police Department.
A small gallery of photographs showing aspects of everyday life in Tajikistan.
A small collection of photographs from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
A small collection of photographs of reflective surfaces - glass, water, ice - in the New York area.
A small collection of photographs from Brussels, Belgium.
A small collection of street photography from Cairo, Egypt.