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Horses in a landscape
Grazing horses in Aso Kujū National Park
Lake Linkmenas
View of Lake Linkmenas with trees and reeds
Misty landscape at Makinoto-toge
Sunasenrigahama, the plain of ashes, Mt Naka
Golden Gate
Distant view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Golden Gate Park
Ornamental urn
Urn with grotesque face, Parc de Saint-Cloud
Central Park ice
Buildings on Park Avenue reflected in frozen pond
View from Ginučiai castle mound
Looking down on Lake Linkmenas from from Ginučiai castle mound
Crater lake of Mount Naka
From Kusasenri
Distant view of the crater of Mount Naka
Central Park with 'Gates'
View across Central Park towards a line of Christo's 'Gates'
Three colors
Late snow, Col d'Aussois