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Mountain scenery
View from the road to Marrakesh
Aït Benhaddou
Ruined building on the summit
View from Aït Benhaddou
Wall and desert scenery seen from Aït Benhaddou
Towers of Aït Benhaddou
Detail of towers of the kasbah
Bab El-Khemis
Gateway and city wall
Shuttered shops in a covered market on Friday morning
View through an arch from the souk
Towers of the kasbah
Towers of the Glaoui kasbah at Tamdaght (with stork's nests)
Red Pyramid of Dahshur
The Red Pyramid seen across the desert
Sidi Ouassay shrine
Blue-painted dome of the shrine at Sidi Ouassay at dusk
Dunes and mountains
Sand dunes and distant mountains
Tahrir Square protest
Crowd in Tahrir Square after Friday prayers