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Guardian deity
Statue at entrance to Zenko-ji temple
Seated Buddhas
Row of seated Buddha figures in red headscarves
Temple roof
Roof at Zenko-ji temple
Temple roof
Roof with ornament at Zenko-ji temple
Lion-dog statue on incense burner
Prayer tablets
Wooden prayer tablets at Zenko-ji temple
Statue of Buddha seated in lotus with red headscarf
Temple roof
Gable end of a building at Zenko-ji temple
Screen of leaves and waterfall
Stand of trees below Shiraibi-Daira
Fall trees
Fall foliage and mountains from below Shiraibi-daira
Ridge capped with snow-covered rock
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Photographs of Zenko-ji temple in Nagano, Japan.
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Photographs of shrines and temples taken at various locations in Japan.
Photographs of sculpture and statues taken at various locations in Japan.
Photographs of mountain scenery from Kisokomagatake (Mount Kisokoma) in the Chuo Alps, Japan.
Photographs of Matsumoto-jo (Matsumoto Castle) in Matsumoto, Japan.