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Latvian Riflemen
Monument to the Latvian Red Riflemen
Calton Hill monuments
Nelson Monument and National Monument of Scotland
Stones of Stenness
Standing stones at Stenness
Sunset and stones
Sunset over the Standing Stones of Stenness
Sunset and stone
Setting sun above a standing stone
Late sun over a stone circle
Standing stone
Sunset over a standing stone at Stenness
Callanish II
Two stones of the Callanish II circle
Standing stones
Four stones of the Callanish III alignment
Monumento al Taxista
Monument to the taxi drivers of Buenos Aires
Carved monument
Carved wooden monument outside the Liv Peoples House
Group of stones
Group of standing stones at Callanish


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A small collection of photographs of the stone circle at Stenness, Orkney, Scotland.
A small collection of photographs from Riga, Latvia.
A description of the so-called Royal Tombs in the ruined city of Petra, Jordan.
A small collection of photographs from the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Photographs of the prehistoric stone circle at Callanish, Lewis, Scotland.
Photographs from Recoleta Cemetery in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
A small collection of photographs from Cape Kolka, Kurzeme, Latvia.
A small collection of photographs of Gothic Revival architecture in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Photographs from central Buenos Aires, including Microcentro, Retiro and Puerto Madero.
A small collection of photographs taken in wintry weather in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Photographs of historic buildings in London, UK.