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Tango in the plaza
Dancing the tango in the Plaza Fabini
Blue skull
Wall art in the Ciudad Vieja
Palacio Salvo
Colonnade in the Palacio Salvo
Mercado de la Abundancia
Interior of the Mercado de la Abundancia
Old doors
Doorway in the Ciudad Vieja
Diners at a parillada in the Mercado del Puerto
Plaza Independencia
The Artigas Mausoleum in Plaza Independencia at night
Tending the nets
Two fishermen check their nets off the Rambla Francia
Calle Buenos Aires
View south-west along Calle Buenos Aires
Nace un flor
Graffiti: A son of a bitch dies, a flower is born
Ni gente sin casa
Graffiti: No house without people, no people without a house
Plaza Matriz
Plaza Matriz in the Ciudad Vieja at night
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A small collection of photographs from Montevideo, Uruguay.
A small collection of photographs of wall art and graffiti from Montevideo, Uruguay.