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Statue in the gardens of the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
Ismail Somoni
Statue of Ismail Somoni, Maydoni Azadi
Anne of Brittany
Praying figure of Anne of Brittany, wife of Louis XII
Colossus of Memnon
One of two statues representing Amenhotep III
Statue of Ramses II
Colossal statue of Ramses II in the Great Court
View of the mortuary temple of Ramesses II
Great Hypostyle Hall
View toward the rear of the hypostyle hall of Medinet Habu
Henri II and Catherine de Medicis
Tomb with recumbent figures of French monarchs
Tomb of Francois I and Claude de France
Statues of Hatshepsut
Statues of Hatshepsut as pharaoh at Deir al-Bahri
Column bases
Column bases in the Great Hypostyle Hall at Medinet Habu
Temple of Ramesses III
Painted columns in the Temple of Ramesses III, Medinet Habu
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A small gallery of photographs taken in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan.
A small gallery of photographs from the East Bank of Luxor and the temples at Karnak, Egypt.
A small collection of photographs from Cordoba, Spain.
A small collection of photographs from the Basilique de Saint-Denis, burial place of the French kings.
A small gallery of photographs from the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt.