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Decorated ceiling
Elaborately decorated ceiling in Beiteddine Palace
View of Bsharri in late afternoon
Dar al-Barraniyeh
Outer section of Beiteddine Palace
Temple columns
View of the Temple of Bacchus
Snails cling to a fragment of carved stone
Minaret at night
Minaret of the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque
Monumental arch
Monumental arch at the Al-Bass archaeological site
Qasr al-Bint Firaun
The Temple of Dushara, popularly known as the Castle of Pharaoh's Daughter
Royal Tombs
The Royal Tombs seen from Al-Habis
Bull mosaic
Roman mosaic showing a charging bull
Mohammed Al-Amin
Minarets of the Mohammed Al-Amin mosque illuminated at night
Dar al-Wousta
Inner courtyard of Beiteddine Palace