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The Royal Tombs
The Royal Tombs seen from the High Place of Sacrifice
View from Deir Mar-Lishaa
View down the Qadisha valley
The High Place of Sacrifice
Ruined wall at the High Place of Sacrifice
Khazneh from above
Looking down on the Khazneh from the cliff wall opposite
Garden Tomb
Façade of the Garden Tomb in Wadi Farasa
Saida houses
Houses on a narrow street in the old town
Small lighthouse and view of coast
Byblos harbor
View across the harbor at Byblos
Desert vegetation
Trees and bushes near Sunset Point
Tomb of Sextius Florentinus
Tomb of a Roman governor of Petra
View from Kerak
Looking down from the fortress at Kerak
Harbor at Sour
Fishing boats and nets in the harbor