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Main plaza
Ruins flanking the main plaza
Delfin Diez
Small fishing boat at low tide
Colored houses
Street in San Cristobal de las Casas
Mitla says no to drugs
Anti-drug poster
Juego de Pelota
Ritual ball court at Monte Alban
Pair of pelicans
Pelicans perched on a marina sign
Ria Lagartos
Lampposts by the water in Ria Lagartos
Chiapas landscape
View of hills and woods
Looking down on the cenote from El Mirador
Stela 35
Stela inside Edificio 21, representing Lady Eveningstar
Stela 1
Close-up of Stela 1, representing Chaan Muan II
Stairs to Grupo Frey
Stairs leading up to Grupo Frey