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Elephant seal
Male elephant seal at Caleta Valdés
Mosaic depicting dolphins
Fighting sea lions
Pair of adult male sea lions fight on the beach
Sea lion swimming
Scarred sea lion swimming in shallow water
Whale spout
Spout of a humpback whale
Going down
Tail flukes of a diving humpback
Double breach
A pair of humpback whales breach the surface simultaneously
Sea lions
California sea lions on rafts at Pier 39
Mother and calf
A mother humpback whale and calf swim side by side
Sea lions sleeping on the beach at Punta Loma
Birds, seals and yachts
Brown pelicans and seals in Monterey
Whale and boat
Humpback whale and whale-watching boat
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A small collection of photographs of humpback whales in the Bahia de Samaná, Dominican Republic.
A small collection of photographs of the Roman ruins at Volubilis, Morocco.
Photographs from Punta Loma, Chubut, Argentina.
Photographs taken in Monterey, California.
Photographs of land and marine animals from Chubut province in Patagonia, Argentina.
Photographs from the city of San Francisco, California.